What if we could  trust what we buy,
every time we buy,
that it is what it says on the label;
that it won’t make us sick;
that it does not damage the planet, harm the community,
or exploit the people producing it?
(From the professional Chefs & Culinarians at http://www.chefs-resources.com)


is the road that we had set foot on
since the beginning of our factory,
to find the answer for those concerns, and to connect our organizational behaviors to the well-being of the people involved with Aoki
In the pursuit of Quality, our first answer


Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.
(Steve Jobs)
Aoki invest in technology firstly to improve product quality, food safety and management, to ensure all the values and benefits to our customers. Secondly, we want technology that can empower our employees, to make their work easier, safer, faster, more efficient and less worries. Thirdly, we want to promote an innovation culture, where everyone are able to contribute to the improvement of work and life at Aoki, be scientifically literate at what they do and can be educated further.

We use meat separators from BIBUN, made in Japan, SUS 304 materials, for both processing lines.

At maximum the machine run at 7000 kg/hour capacity.

Our meat separators use synthesis nylon belts for resistance again scratches during processing, hence eliminating the foreign matter risk from common rubber belts.

Aoki also install extra safety cover to protect our employees.

For all machines in Aoki factory, we use food-grade oil and grease for maintenance.

Aoki invest in  02 wholly new stainless steel surimi lines  with key machines : meat separators, pumps, refiners, screw-presses, silent cutter blenders, all imported from Japan (BIBUN).
Our factory is a closed-design with one-way-flow to prevent cross-contamination. The walls' panels and doors are imported from Turkey, having heavy curtains and Epoxy painted to prevent insects and combat moisture.
A camera system of 42 cameras in total. 08 points of security, 28 points of processing control and 06 point of cross-contamination prevention with 2 years time storage.
Aoki has 05 stainless steel contact freezers with total capacity at 3 MT/ hour, freezing temperature at - 35°C.
Aoki storage can hold approximately 500 MT of finished products while keeping them under  - 25°C for quality 
Aoki is one of the very few surimi factories in Vietnam to invest in X-ray machine to further prevent the risk of foreign matter
Electricity unstable is a problem in Vietnam, thus Aoki import 02 power-generators from America with 1,560 kW/h capacity to maintain operation of the factory 100% of time.

RM Storage

Aoki has raw material storage area of cool containers for receiving, arrangement and keeping.

For days that Aoki receive over 100 MT of fishes, processing all within the day might not be possible, hence the fishes are keep at the cool temperature 5°C overnight to maintain freshness.

Water is one of the most important component in making surimi. While Ionic strengths of the wash water not only decrease the temperature tolerance of the minced meats during the washing process, but also accelerate the denaturation of actomyosin in the frozen surimi during storage; the pH of the wash water is related to the water-holding capacity of the fish muscle proteins and, hence, the gel-forming characteristics of the final product (Toshiaki Ohshima, Toru Suzuki, Chiaki Koizumi 1993).  Aoki using 02 parallel systems of sand filtering and ion exchange resin  to soften and control the hardness and pH of wash water at a desirable level for our surimi.  


Water chilling system with 40 m³ /hour capacity

Quality of the surimi is still a subtle concept, especially for tropical fish surimi. Across markets, we find different casing parameters, across countries we encounter different types of fishes, even the name Itoyori can be made by a dozen distinctive sub-species.

Most of what we know about processing surimi, from washing, dehydration, temperature control, to casing, come from the development of technique for Alaska Pollock more than 20 years ago. For a tropical surimi manufacturer like Aoki, the available knowledge and technology are far from optimized. Even our customers cannot claim to understand all how to utilize the best out of the characteristics of tropical fish surimi.

What Aoki want is, to cooperate with our customers and partners, together developing the best way to read and utilize the wonderful tropical fish surimi to its full extent.


The difficulty of building management system depend not only on the commitment of the organization's leadership, but also on the educational level of the local labor force - the cogs and gears of the system. Aoki locates in the rural area, hence the task of creating and maintaining management systems is not easy. However, being a joint-venture company of France and Vietnam, Aoki commit to build a strong HACCP system plus 3 others International Standards and HALAL in 2015 - 2016, to apply and continuously improve ourselves in a systematic way of three main aspects: Quality, Food Safety, and Environment.  

ISO 14001:2015


Management System

Certificated by


ISO 22000:2005

Food Safety

Management System

Certificated by


ISO 9001:2015


Management System

Certificated by

Intertek - UKAS


Islamic Law

& Halal standard

MS 1500:2009




Within the financial power of Aoki and the agreement of Aoki board of shareholders, Aoki always take action in the direction of taking care of the employees and local community. First and foremost is to maintain the waste water quality up to the best of national standard to protect the river behind the factory. The other source of waste is head and bone of fishes is collected to sell to fish-meal factory. Apart from creating more than 250 jobs which 100% is permanent for local community (there is no part-timer at Aoki), Aoki also taking care of the employees by many activities to improve the quality of life, organizing sports and training, supporting people in case of family troubles, illness, providing 100% of workers insurance and healthcare, maintaining the union activity, giving support to local charity, and catering to the greenness of the environment around the factory. 

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent"

Perhaps the only Vietnam's surimi factory to invest 16 billionsVND (USD 700,000) to waste water treatment system to protect the local environment. Aoki now posses the capability to process 1100 m³ of waste water /day, allowing the factory to roughly produce 40 Mt of surimi while still maintain the highest quality of waste water.

Aoki Football Team
Union Meeting
Worker Training
Health Care for Workers
Greenary around Aoki

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
(Abraham Lincoln)

Teamwork Training
Surimi worker and family

No matter how many trees we planted, Aoki is still a business, a manufacturer, a for-profit joint-venture. But upon all the things our leadership and management team with everyone at Aoki strive to do, to bring values to customers, to take care of our employees, to protect our environment; we hope that our shadow stay the truest to our real self and intentions. 

We want you to visit and see the real trees we planted, the real Aoki, and like a tree, we stay rooted to our commitments, and growing with them.